MGIMO Master's Programme


Applying to MGIMO Master Programs

Am I eligible to apply to MGIMO master programs?

To be eligible for admission to MGIMO MA programs you must hold or expect to hold before enrollment at MGIMO a bachelor’s degree.


Do I need to choose the same major when applying to MGIMO master programs?

Being free to pursue any master programs is what makes graduate education so advantageous. This is why you can choose whatever master program there is available.        


How many MGIMO master programs can I apply to?

You can apply to two master programs maximum and are required to indicate your preference. Should you have the same results for both programs, you will be admitted to the one you chose as your first option.


How do I apply to MGIMO master programs?

The registration for the MGIMO master programs taught entirely in English is already available. The application is done online on the MGIMO Master programs online application page. You need to create your personal account.

In order to be verified, use your personal email address. If your registration is complete and successful, you will receive an email.

After that, you need to fill in the application form and upload the following documents in e-format:

  • ID or passport;
  • A selfie with your ID or open passport with the page containing personal information. That way, we will be able to verify your identity. Please take a close-up photo in a well-lit room;
  • Photo (either black-and-white or color). Your face should be in the center of the photo, the backdrop is light;
  • Data Protection Policy;
  • Diploma. Given that your diploma is issued in a different country and is written in a foreign language, you will need to check whether your diploma requires consular legalization or apostille in order for you to be able to continue your studies in Russia. You can find all the necessary information regarding the legalization procedure on this page. Since this process needs some time, manage it wisely before submitting your documents. When that is complete, you will be required to have these documents translated into the Russian language and certified by a notary in Russia, which can be done in Russia upon arrival.

NB If you have not yet received your diploma, you are required to upload a form from your college or university, stating when you are to complete your undergraduate study and when you are to receive your diploma;

  • Portfolio (the requirements are listed on the webpages of specific master programs).

After you complete the application procedure (the application form includes automatically all the information you type in), you should download the documents, print them, and put your signature in all the places it is needed. If you choose more than one master program, the system will automatically make several separate application forms. All signed application forms are to be scanned, merged into one PDF-file and uploaded to the system.


I am experiencing technical difficulties with the application. What should I do?

In order to move successfully through the application procedure, we advise you to use a PC or laptop with either Firefox or Google Chrome.

You should upload your documents—application form, scans of your ID or passport, Data Protection Policy, scans of your diploma with consular legalization or apostille and its Russian translation, and portfolio—in a multi-page PDF-format. As for your selfie and photos, please upload them as JPEG-files.

If you are experiencing technical issues while submitting your documents, please contact us at Do not forget to attach screenshots of the problem you are having, and describe which gadget, OS, browser and software version you are using. 

Please remember that you must upload all the necessary documents and your portfolio only through your personal account, not via


What are the tuition fees for master students?

The tuition fees for the MGIMO master programs of the next academic year 2023—2024 will be announced in May 2023 on this page.  


Do you provide accommodation for master students?

Foreign students can apply for accommodation in the MGIMO dormitories. If you need accommodation during your studies at MGIMO, fill that in in the application form. You can also read additional information regarding student accommodation on the page of the MGIMO Division responsible for accommodation.


What is the accommodation fee?

Usually, the monthly cost of student accommodation is around 4,500 rubles.